Dec 16, 2021 • 722HR 48M

The Italian Connection (Jacopo Iacoboni)

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Olga Lautman
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Mo and Olga are joined by Jacopo Iacoboni to explore the effects of Russian operations in Italy and what they can tell us about Putin’s global plans. A country whose former prime minister is one of Putin's closest friends and where Steve Bannon wanted to run a right wing school - Italy acts as a middle ground between east and west.

Jacopo Iacoboni is an Italian investigative journalist who has published for various Italian and international publications including the New York Times and the Guardian. He is the author of books on Italian politics, including the 5 Star Movement and his latest book Oligarchi, which was co-authored with Gianluca Paolucci.  Twitter: @jacopo_iacoboni 

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